he looks normal and no one can tell what he is
they should have let him die

hello. carman aka carak. female. fan of hannibal, serial killers in general, mass effect, and assassin's creed. i live in the united states and am currently in university with a major in criminology and psychology. please feel free to send me any questions about hannibal or any known serial killers. i will answer any and all questions to the best of my ability.

Wonder Woman is there to kick ass not give you a boner
favorite response to some dude saying the Wonder Woman costume isn’t sexy enough on Facebook (via agentturner)


*knocks on your door*

Hello. I’ve heard you’ve been invalidating a male character’s past straight relationships in order to make your slash ship sail.

Could I interest you on the subject of bisexuality.

It’s free! It’s friendly! It’s perfectly workable with canon! It stops misogynistic fic tropes in order to slash ship in it’s tracks.

Invest in bisexuality today!

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A Sherlock Holmes illustration by Leonid Nepomnyaschiy.


A Sherlock Holmes illustration by Leonid Nepomnyaschiy.





I downloaded a skeleton mod and another mod fucked it up and it would only let him have hatsune miku hair and you couldn’t even go hairless

This is the exact opposite of a problem


person: Pokemon is such a childish game, why are you playing it?



me: image

Neil Cicierega - Pokémon
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Pokémon -Neil Cicierega - Mouth Silence

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Not a product of your environment.


Not a product of your environment.

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We seem to crave privilege, merited not by our work, but by our birth, by the mere fact that, say, we are humans and born on Earth. We might call it the anthropocentric—the “human-centered”—conceit. This conceit is brought close to culmination in the notion that we are created in God’s image: The Creator and Ruler of the entire Universe looks just like me. My, what a coincidence. How convenient and satisfying! The sixth-century-B.C. Greek philosopher Xenophanes understood the arrogance if this perspective:
The Ethiopians make their gods black and snub-nosed; the Thracians say theirs have blue eyes and red hair… Yes, and if oxen and horses or lions had hands, and could paint with their hands, and produce works of art as men do, horses would paint the forms of the gods like horses, and oxen like oxen…
Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space (1994)

YouTube comments aren’t “just the Internet.” They’re not the product of a group of otherwise nice guys who suddenly become evil when they wear a veil of anonymity. YouTube comments are actually a nightmarish glimpse into the sexist attitudes that define the fabric of our own existence in the “real world,” a world that, like YouTube, is owned and dominated by men. The most terrifying gift that the Internet has given us is that it’s shown us how men honestly perceive the world: as a place where women exist exclusively for their sexual pleasure.

In the wake of VidCon, and as more and more women start speaking up about the harassment they face online, it’s time to start realizing that our narrative of progress is deeply flawed. Things aren’t getting better for women on the Internet; they’re deteriorating and ignoring the problem amounts to being complicit in it.


but do aliens believe in me….